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Disk Drill Professional

Disk Drill Professional Crack Pro is recovery software for Mac and Windows both. It can recover deleted files photos, video, media and critical business documents successfully. This is a great app which is available for smartphones too. This software is very good if you mean it for the recovery of images and documents but if you want to do it for the music files and videos then it is not working very well. When you use this software you will get the result above the average that all the images which you may lose in your system, but it is not fair enough for the social media big files or music and videos.

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 Disk Drill Professional

What’s New in Disk Drill Crack?

  • Now support for data recuperation on encrypted APFS partitions
  • The Quick Scan facility for APFS
  • Also, enhanced support for outer APFS drives on macOS 10.13.x
  • Crashing issue with Mac OS X 10.11.6 and 10.13.2 no more
  • Well designed UI localization
  • Enhanced Audio Coding and Bink Video
  • Updated MPEG-2 Layer II Compressed audio file and new Hewlett-Packard language support

Disk Drill Professional Features:

  • Disk Drill Pro is the best software in the recovery data matters
  • This is important that it is work even without the doubt of 100% in the success rate.
  • There is no difference in its working for any system and this is good to recover all important files.
  • There are huge numbers of files which are very important to recover if you have lost them so by using this app you can easily manage the recovery.
  • 1% of ITB external hard drive can hold at least 10GB of data.
  • It also can manage the hundreds of images with the average of 2GB
  • If the data is lost, you can get that data back average rate of 99%.




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